Information Technology Services


About the MESA Project

MESA is a project that started with the Information Technology Council (ITC). The ITC identified the need for a new Local Area Network (LAN) architecture that provided the services required to a growing University. Core to the project was the need to provide a distributed file system which would be accessible in both on-campus and off-campus environments. The MESA project team has worked to develop a scalable and flexible architecture which meets the University's needs and can adapt to new technologies as they develop.

Project goals, as developed by the Information Technology Council:

  1. Ensure that the University's file storage systems are modern and accessible from remote locations and from common University workstations/servers.
  2. Minimize the amount of authentication methods required to access University systems.
  3. Improve the security of the University's data systems and networks.
  4. Position the University to provide electronic collaboration between University faculty and other institutions.
  5. Improve desktop workstation management.